Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Homestead Dream

Ideally, what I want is this:

Tiny house, with a bedroom for Bonkers, a master bedroom, a good kitchen, shower, pull-out couch for guests, and a comfortable place to feed people for dinner. Oh, and a space for laundry. All the damned laundry LOL
Picture this, sunken so that all of the brickwork is underground
We want a basement as well, giving a little more usable space without adding to the house footprint- plus giving storage space for canning, craft tools, rambunctious teenagers, and possibly extra guests.
However, just because I'm greedy and lazy and want everything as close to me as possible and as cheap as possible, I want to have the basement expanded to another 1/2 again the width of the house, and a sunken greenhouse attached. Basically, the basement would have a loadbearing wall, through which is a sunken greenhouse.

Small barn, probably lean-to style. I want a lot of livestock, and many of them can't be housed together. 2-3 horses, 1-2 pigs, a half dozen or so chickens (I think the minimum for these social little ladies is 3-4?), and a goat. My thought is to have one side enclosed with tack room & wash rack and 2 stalls- the 2nd being used for milking and for the sow to farrow in assuming I breed the pigs. I'd prefer to keep the chickens int he barn at night as it will make laying easier and keep them safe from predators.
This is a little bit too big, but the overall style works. I don't need large stalls, just big enough to isolate an injured animal, plus a milking/farrowing stall.

This is the $6000 version

We will also need a shed, ideally with sail-cloth walls for Rush's woodworking and other projects, and for my kiln. I want to get started back in ceramics, and learn to work with glass as well. They make combinations kilns like the picture that can work in both. I am completely in love with this idea, although to be honest I'm more likely to be able to make usable ceramic than usable glassware, so I may just stick with a ceramic kiln and upgrade when/if I can. I want the shed to have sail-cloth walls, but for some reason I can't find any images of them, which is weird since I have lived near the water for most of my life and seen these.

Basically, you install twist-lock fasteners on each corner of the 4x4" corner posts, get your sail-cloth/canvas cut properly and grommeted (ideally would be being able to make this yourself, especially since it's a reinforced square sheet, and when you need walls (think cold/wet weather), you use the twist-locks to attach the walls. In weather when you want a breeze (think MOST of the time here in Georgia)
you just take it down and roll it up.
This gives you flexible, waterproof walls that can easily be removed to turn your workshed into a breezy lean-to. Of course, at least one wall will have to be something reinforced (brick/concrete block. heavy wood) to give protection to the kiln and any of Rush's woodworking tools that require electrical outlets.

I also want a well, either with a solar-panel pump or a windmill pump.
These fine folks over at Live Ready Now have exactly what I want on their off-grid homestead.

Lastly, the big indulgences that I want are a bathhouse and an outdoor kitchen/living room:
Yes, please. 

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