Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feeling a little more confident

It took a little while to recover from the emotional blow of Rush losing his job, but I'm starting to.
More importantly, so is he.

We are trying to see it as a blessing, and looking at having Rush and my godfather The Biker build the house. The Biker has done basically every stage of home-building in the past, and no one is more motivated to make sure everything goes perfectly.
The trick will be the financing, but I have a plan for that.

I'm slowly regaining some confidence, as the Universe keeps proving that It plans to take care of us.
We talked about buying acreage and building soon.
I found this piece of property- 17 acres for $33,000.
We priced out building, and realized it's impractical unless we do the building ourselves.
Rush lost his job, making it possible for him to do building work full-time.
I did the numbers, and the realized we would have to buy a truck.
Fifteen minutes later, Rush receives an offer to trade his Civic for a truck... that has a crew cab that would fit Bonkers' car seat.

I've never been good at subtlety from the Universe... It usually has to beat me over the head before I realize what It wants.
This, however, is starting to feel reassuringly bruising....

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