Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overall impressions of Rome

They drive like maniacs! If you’re on a moped or motorcycle, lanes don’t mean a thing. You drive between cars and buses or up the other side of the road to get around. Pedestrians just cross the roads and the drivers adjust course to get around them. If pedestrians walked and vehicles drove in the United States like they do in Rome, the population problem would be solved within a year. Rome also has a lot more green space than I thought. In addition, most Roman balconies are adorned with some plants, a good number are filled to the brim with plants and flowers. Overall it seems that Italians value green space and embrace the environment. Dumpsters are located at regular intervals to separate regular trash from paper, metal and plastics. The city is pretty smoggy though and it leaves a film on you after a day touring the city. A person with bad asthma might have a problem just being a tourist here. The food is wonderful! The pasta is much richer and the sauces are fantastic. There is not as much variety in the food selection as there is in the US though. That is one place where our cultural mix makes us better.

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