Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Munich day 8

I am completely sold on European night trains. Ours was about the
price of a good hotel, but not really much more, and with half an
Ambien in my system I slept like a baby.
The tiny compartment was a wonder- 2 bunked berths with a private head
complete with toilet, swiveling sink, and shower! I took a brief
shower before bed, then slipped into the soft sheets and down
comforter to sleep. I adore the tiny, efficient space (maybe 7sq ft)
and was marvelously content.
Unfortunately, Chris didn't sleep a wink and arrived exhausted. Since
we also arrived at 7am, there was no way to go directly to the hostel,
so we left our bags in a luggage locker and had breakfast at a coffee
shop around the corner.
It's nice to be somewhere where I speak a least some of the language-
much less intimidating!
Unfortunately, the Internet Access here is nearly as bad as in Italy,
ony somehow worse because Im in theory paying for access at a hotspot.

Well, despite the awful directions to the hostel, we finally found it.
My little bitnof remaining German is almost enough to get by, but only
if people speak slowly and carefully. The hostel itself is just what
you'd expect- a small, plain room with a double bed and another
single, a wardrobe, tv, an small nightstand. There's a shared toilet
but a private shower- make sense of that, because I can't. Everything
is simple but well-made, and I wouldn't be ashamed to have this
furniture in my own guest room. At least the beds are softer than
Italy- not that that is difficult!

We spent most of the day relaxing ad sleeping, giving ourselves a
needed day off and only venturing out for dinner. Amusingly, we
wandered around for several blocks before settling on a small gasthaus
almost across the street from the hostel.

Munich itself reminds me of the states- the traffic, the fast pace,
even the climate (currently in the upper 50s and rainy) reminds me of
the Eastern Seaboard, although I suppose the Pacific Northwest would
be more accurate... I just don't have experience there.

The only real blasphemy is the refusal of joy. -"Jeffrey"

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