Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's amazing to me what stories teach us. Somethings are universal,
and our craving for stories and heroes is one of them- every culture
has fairy tales, fireside stories, oral histories which teach us that
honor and goodness are rewarded and badness punished. In the States,
our childrens tales teach us that women are fair and good, and men
strong and honorable. These tales give us models for our own behavior.
Later, in books and movies we learn that love can be painful, but that
it will find us.
That's why stories are so dangerous as well. Consider the themes of
the movies you've seen recently- the modern incarnation of those
stories. True love is perfect, with never a fight, never a struggle or
incompatibility. Women are rarely the heroines, men the aggressors.
Women who say 'no', to advances eventually fall in love with the
pursuer, and when there is danger never do they rescue themselves, but
always need their hero. Equally dangerous are the lessons for men-
heroes never falter, fear, or stumble. Never doubt, cry, or ask for
help- particularly not from 'their' women.

Intervention is divine and can always be counted on- if it doesn't
happen, then it wasn't meant, and bad things only happen to good
people briefly so that they are better able to appreciate the miracle
coming later.

Consider the stories you see a hear, and the stories you're teaching
your children.

The only real blasphemy is the refusal of joy. -"Jeffrey"

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