Thursday, August 4, 2016


I've been in crappy shape lately, physically and emotionally.
Wedding stuff is killing me (why are they so expensive?!?!?!), finances are terrifying me, Babybutt starting school on Monday is freaking me out (normal first-time-mom jitters, but still totally real), and the general household management + career/work stuff is all combining to really mess me up.

However, I think a chunk of that may well be physical. I know for a fact I don't get enough calories most days, which will absolutely contribute to exhaustion/fatigue/lethargy. I am pretty sure some of my vitamins/minerals may be off, I might not be getting enough sleep (I am actually a cat, and require like 12+ hours of sleep LOL), and it's entirely possible that more exercise will help.

So, to that end, I am going to try and make some changes to my daily routines to help:

  • Add a multivitamin to my morning routine. They're not perfect, but if I'm currently malnourished (more likely than you think, trust me), it's still a help. 
  • Figure out a better morning food solution, since I frequently skip breakfast
    • Premade smoothies? Premade breakfast sandwiches? Granola bars I actually like?
  • Try and figure out a time to do some exercise
    • Challenge: where in my schedule can i do that without leaving Babybutt at school even longer?
    • Bonus: maybe get rid of that one bit of arm flab that bothers me about my body?
  • Arrange to go to bed earlier
    • Challenge: Get Logan to stop talking to me in bed
  • Increase my fluid intake all day
    • Already started: I don't like plain water (I know, first world problems!) so i bought some presweetened koolaid to make at my desk
  • Look at investing in a sleep tracker 
    • Challenge: spare money pre-wedding = HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Increase overall calorie intake
    • Challenge: I suck at stopping working long enough to eat. I may need to re-implement snacking all day type meals. 
  • Add specific supplements for nutrients that I might be low on: Vitamin D & Iron, specifically
  • Consider that if everyone I know is dying of allergies, some Claritin might not hurt. 

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