Saturday, January 9, 2010

First post! (Noel)

So we're still in Gainesville, FL, visiting everyone.
Currently, we're at Borders Bookstore where Noel just set up the blog so that everyone can keep up with us if they like.

This is our compromise with Grandma Betty and Great-grandma Eileen, since everyone who knows Chris knows that he won't actually ever pick up the phone and call anyone... but I can probably get him to occasionally update this :)

So a brief overview of where we are right now:
School starts Monday, and Chris will finally be back in school. Right now he's only signed up for Physics and Calculus, but we're planning to add to that on Monday (when he can register again). He's currently working at a restaurant in Atlanta, but looking for somewhere better because the place, well, kinda sucks.
No season tickets to the Thrashers this year, finances didn't allow it but he has a spot that lets us all go as a group and still see well.
His birthday is coming up in March, and that's also over our Spring Break so we're hoping to go down to Tampa for a Lightning-Penguins game, and our 4th anniversary is in late March as well.

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